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What is LxD? What is The Primer? LxD is learning experience design. The primer is a course, and a book. A new hybrid learning experience design experience.

We are in the early stages of designing this new, ongoing hybrid learning experience for learning experience designers at all levels of experience.

This website is a space to introduce the concept of the LxD Primer, give a bit of background, and talk about the plan. We’re looking for people interested in learning more about the course and book, people who would want to participate as learners or contributors.

When was the last time you had a learning experience?

Most likely, you’ve already had several during your waking hours today.

Over the course of your lifetime, how many learning experiences do you think you’ve had?

How have these learning experiences been similar?  How have they been different?

Think about two or three different learning experiences you’ve had in your life.  Or maybe think about learning experiences you’ve observed in other people, perhaps a sibling or your child?

Of these experiences, which ones were good, and which ones were not good?

Why were they good?

Why were they not good?

If they were not good, does that mean they were bad?

When it comes to any learning experience: what is “good”?  What is “bad”?

This is the crux of the issues that come into mind when we are trying to design learning experiences.

So many factors go into building a learning experience that is “good” for all stakeholders.  

And just because a learning experience may be perceived by a learner as “bad” doesn’t mean that it isn’t a beneficial learning experience.

For example: a near-fatal automobile collision can be an excellent learning experience.

This is where LxD gets complicated.  More on that later.

For now, let us introduce the LxD Primer. Peruse the links in our menu to find out more.

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